ANGE Corner Protector - T Type

ANGE Corner Protector - T Type

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ANGE Corner Protection  T-Type

Less hassle, less tears and potential injuries when you fit the T-shaped ANGE Corner Protection around the sharp corners of your furniture at home and protect your baby from harm and injuries.

Walk around at home first! Count the edges your child can walk & stumble into!
Also see our multipack offers, as usually, you can easily find 10-20 edges to cover.

Why should you buy this:
• Secures sharp corners on household furniture
• Protects your loved-one from potential injuries
• Designed to wrap around corner of furniture to offer true protection
• Corner cushion features an internal bubble / crumple zone that collapses under impact and absorbs energy
• Semi-transparent design blends in better with furniture

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ANGE is a Korean brand established in 1992, and a well-known product design company that focuses on innovative products for the safety of the baby and the convenience for parents. All ANGE products have the Korea-Certified (KC) which ensures high quality standards and good manufacturing practices are met.