Purple Frog - Snooze Button with Organic Plant <with Lavender and Chamomile> - 12 Patches

Purple Frog - Snooze Button with Organic Plant <with Lavender and Chamomile> - 12 Patches

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PURPLE FROG – Snooze button air freshener to relax (12x patches)


Purple Frog - Snooze Button with Organic plant (with Lavender and Chamomile)

Keep calm and put your mind at ease with Snooze Button patches by Purple Frog, an alternative to cumbersome essential oil diffuser as well as safe, chemical free substitute for potentially toxic synthetic air freshener and odour masking agents.


These patches have the wellness power of aromatherapy and a unique blend of all-natural, organic plant oils in each patch to release a stimulating aroma designed to relax your mind while naturally rejuvenating your living space. You can place this patch anywhere, anytime at your disposal.


Why you should buy this:

  • 12x patches in this pack
  • With organic plant oils-  DEET Free 
  • All-natural patch
  • Lavender and Chamomile based
  • Contains 100% plant oil that can be stuck anywhere, anytime.


Active Ingredients:

10% Lavender Oil
3% Orange Peel Oil
3% Bergamot Oil
2% Chamomil Oil
2% Ylang Ylang Oil
Sunflower Oil Base



1. Lightly squeeze and pop the microcapsule beads away from eyes to release the essential oil into the spongy diffuser layer.

2. Remove the adhesive backing and stick patch onto baby stroller, pet harness, clothing, tent, back pack, golf bag, bed frame, windowsill, outside (virtually anywhere you want to have a pleasant and aromatic insect defence).

3. For greater results, use more than one patch (i.e. upper and lower body).


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Purple Frog is created by two passionate entrepreneurs and a spritz of inspiration to share wellness with the world, one drop of essential oil goodness at a time. Their dedication to all things clean living, they combined their professional skills and established a company with the focus of building conscious entrepreneurism.